Scotland (in Black and White)

August 01, 2013

The first thing they teach you in landscape photography school is that you should shoot at sunrise or sunset whenever possible, and unless you've got some decent cloud cover you should avoid shooting in the middle of the day. The light is usually too harsh at this time and your photos can end up a bit washed-out looking. On my recent trip back home to Scotland I had great intentions of getting up at the crack of dawn every day to go out and get some fantastically-lit landscape shots. Then I remembered that the crack of dawn during Scottish summertime is at effin' four o'clock in the morning. I failed spectacularly.

If truth be told, though, seeing my friends and family was my main priority while back home. Photography kind of got put on the back burner most of the time. I ended up having to grab my shots whenever I could get them, regardless of time of day. To combat that washed-out look, I converted some of my daytime shots to high contrast black and white (see the color ones here). I liked the effect so much that I ended up converting a lot more of my pictures, even the sunset ones.

Scott Monument, Edinburgh EdinburghShot from the stairwell of the Scott Monument. EdinburghShot from the top of the Scott monument.