Richard McBlane was born and raised in Scotland. He discovered the joys of photography as a young lad of seventeen, and has been getting all up in your face with his camera ever since.

After a two-year stint in Japan, Richard moved to Austin, Texas in 2008, now arrogantly referring to himself as an “international” photographer like he was some kind of big shot or something. He still retains the same passion and enthusiasm for photography as he did back when he was seventeen, and he will happily take all kinds of spectacular photos of you, your wedding, your band or even just your cat if you’ll let him. Richard could go on about creating “precious memories” and “preserving the moment,” but he knows you’ve heard it all before. While Richard
can do those things, all he really wants to do is take pictures that make you go “Hell, yeah!” Even if they are just of your cat.

Richard's photography has been featured in various print and online publications, including Vanity Fair, IMDB, E!, Forbes and MTV.